If you are from africa say hi AND REP WHERE YOU ARE FROM

In the heart of Africa’s wild embrace,
Where nature’s wonders find their space,
A tapestry of colors, rich and bold,
In stories ancient, yet untold.

From Sahara’s dunes, vast and grand,
To Serengeti’s endless, golden land,
Savannah’s rhythm, a lion’s roar,
Echoing through the untamed core.

Rivers flowing, like life’s blood,
Through forests dense, where mysteries flood,
Giraffes reaching for the sky,
Underneath the blazing sun they lie.

Mountains rise with grace and might,
Silhouettes against the fading light,
Kilimanjaro, proud and free,
A symbol of resilience, it will be.

Diverse cultures, a vibrant array,
Woven together, day by day,
Smiles that warm the darkest night,
United hearts, igniting the light.

Africa’s spirit, a force so deep,
In every soul, a treasure to keep,
Through struggles faced and battles won,
A legacy beneath the sun.

Let’s celebrate this land so wide,
Its beauty, strength, and endless pride,
For Africa’s song shall always ring,
A melody of hope, love, and everything.


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