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Avalanche is a smart contract platform designed for scalability, with a multichain framework consisting of Subnets that scale the network. The primary network includes P, X, and C chains. The P-Chain manages validator and Subnet-level functions, the X-Chain manages Avalanche Native Tokens (which is a digital representation of real-world assets), and the popular C-chain is an implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Subnets on Avalanche refer to a subset of nodes or validators that work together to achieve consensus on transactions related to one or multiple blockchains. A Subnet can either be a network that operates within another network or a network built on top of a larger network. Avalanche’s Subnet architecture offers faster finality, custom Virtual Machine support, and a wide range of configuration parameters to builders. The subnets introduced this quarter include Evergreen and UPTN.

In Q2 2023, there was notable transaction activity on the Avalanche network’s C-Chain with daily active addresses increasing compared to the previous quarter. Despite the surge, the average gas paid on Avalanche C-Chain remained considerably lower than Ethereum.


Key Developments: Q2 2023

  • The Avalanche network [launched] its Cortina upgrade on April 25, 2023. This upgrade introduced key changes such as transitioning the X-Chain to a fully ordered blockchain running Snowman++ consensus, to better enable Avalanche Warp Messaging support. Cortina also simplified reward distribution for validators and increased the gas limit on the C-Chain for more complex dApps. These updates would streamline operations and foster further development within the Avalanche ecosystem.
  • Ava Labs launched [AvaCloud], a Web3 launchpad enabling businesses to create no-code, fully managed blockchain ecosystems. The tool reduces deployment time and costs, offering features like automated blockchain building, validator management, data tools, and chain interoperability. Early adopters include AAA game studio Shrapnel and Korean conglomerate SK.
  • Ava Labs [launched] Avalanche Arcad3 to help Web2 gaming companies thrive in the Web3 gaming space. The program supports companies in areas like blockchain onboarding, marketing, and tokenomics, connecting them with Web3 studios and providing expertise in NFTs and blockchain gaming strategies. Some notable participants include Republic Crypto, Shrapnel, Gunz Chain by Gunzilla, Dynasty Studios, DeFi Kingdoms, Blitz by TSM, 2dao3, and Avalaunch.
  • The [Avalanche Subnet Explorer] was upgraded to support Internal Transactions and ERC-1155 tokens, allowing users to view detailed information for specific addresses, including token transfers, interactions, and internal transaction history.
  • On June 13, Ava Labs CEO Emin Gün Sirer testified before the House Financial Services Committee in Washington D.C., advocating for responsible blockchain innovation and a secure environment.

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