I would like to ask you what is the most silly mistake you made in cryptocurrency?

A mistake that led to the loss of your funds. I would like to gain experience for the future
For example, I deliberately transferred money to the wrong networks or to other people’s accounts. But the most important mistake is the incorrect storage of information (logins, passwords and other data). If I had stored everything correctly from the beginning, I would not have spent so much time, nerve and money :crying_cat_face:


As for me I earned some money on Genopets lands on the top of solana and stored it, till it fall down from 120 to 40… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Genopets gave the opportunity to make good money on crystals and lands. Yeah, I agree with you, they did an ugly thing when they gave the guilds land for pennies, and they in turn sold it on otc and dropped the price on them.


I earned some money on NFT when bitcoin price was on the top and didn’t buy stable coins :crazy_face:


The mentality is not well controlled, and you are always trading non-stop. If you are optimistic, you should hold it

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