I want to know people who want to build their own project using Move Lang

Hi, everybody
Nice to meet you
I am an one of the dApp developer who is familiar with Rust, Solidity and Move Lang.
In honestly, I didn’t meet any clients or developers who want to build their own project using Move Lang.
I think Move Lang still is not popular then Rust or Solidity, right?

Could you tell me what is reason, please?


I think you need to spend more time to find people, or try to take a part in projects , what have already started developing


hi! I’m happy to see that you’re taking an interest in developing projects on Aptos. I would like to mention right away that Aptos is going through some bad times right now: the hype has passed, and there are bears in the market. but nevertheless now is not the worst time to build something.

of course, you need the right environment to build something good. I think you can contact Discord/Telegram with this suggestion. also, offering your help to already running projects/projects in development is also an option!

I heard that a new P2E ‘Metapixel’ is being developed, maybe they need someone like you.


Thanks for your advice…
Could you discuss with me about blockchain Market status on TG, please?
I hope to learn from you more about that…
Thank you very much nikisolo.
Here is my TG id: @Apollyon0304