I think we all need to apologise to sui now after sei ? and congratulate aptos

IT is always better not to keep your hopes too high when doing test net this time around because most of these project have there own objective and strategies so the best one can do is do what you know you can do and move on to the next one no bad energy. thanks to SUI and SEI for all your support to your community but APTOS still remained the BEST :rocket:


I didn’t really understand the hate towards Sui at all. They gave many people great money, and the sale for the members of the discord, and the sale on Kucoin was a plus. Yes, they didn’t give out for past activities - but those who followed the project and were at least a little active in the discord - earned


Yeah I think what went wrong was the modality of the selection of the qualified testers on their Discord it was more like a random selection but there community where not carried along on that.


For real man