I think it's high time metamask comes up with a 2fa

It will make lot of sense if a wallet has 2fa so has to eliminate hacking ,even if a wallet is been hack without the 2fa code the hacker won’t be able to move out someone funds,cause it’s really draining these days after someone hard work and imbeciles will just come from no where and wipe out someone wallet…it’s really disheartening and frustrating at dsame time.


it’s useless because hackers attack via smart contracts


hmmm…not a good idea


I believe it will be a smart move for people to have 2FA on the wallet.

I hope wallet services providers can integrate this


Okay…so wat do you suggest to eliminate hacking??

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Can I ask why ?

Hope so too…

The idea of MetaMask introducing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is indeed a brilliant one. It would provide that extra layer of defense against unauthorized access, significantly reducing the risk of losing your assets to hackers. The beauty of 2FA is that even if someone manages to breach your password, they won’t be able to move a single inch without that additional code. It’s like having a virtual security guard for your digital assets. I’ve been using 2FA for various accounts, and it genuinely provides peace of mind. Implementing it in MetaMask could be a game-changer for many users, and I hope they consider it seriously. Also, consider using a UK temp number as part of your 2FA setup to ensure your wallet’s security.

I am sure it won’t be really helpful. Cause if you look how the hacks are done, 2fa can’t save you. Except at the level where someone else has your seed phrase and logs in your account to withdraw your funds. But it’s very helpful as well in that case.