I have 200 APT in testnet .. what can i do with it ? i mean whats the utility of the testnet tokens ? i know its a stupid question , but i need a honest answer .. thank you

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  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.
  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
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    i have 200 APT in testnet … what can i do with it ?
    i mean whats the utility of the testnet tokens ?
    i know its a stupid question , but i need a honest answer … thank you

just forget about them, the network is already up and all tests are finished


really ! oh thnx … at least i will not waste my time :face_exhaling:


When mainnet appears - testnet are non usable anymore with all test tokens or nfts or whatever you got there :person_shrugging:


i dont know why they make it - i mean testnet - off !!


do activity in the main network and you will be happy, community rewards are still planned


All the projects have several stages of development
1-st is devnet - only draft, where users can test some features, but all the system is non stable, and developers are fixing something all the time.
2-nd stage - testnet - more stable system, after fixing main bags.
3-rd - final stage, where all works like it should with real tokens/money/nfts and so on

So APTOS finished all the tests and now all works so they closed testnet


@dun2inch thank you for info, good for those who just started :handshake:


The purpose of the testnet token is to allow users to simulate mainnet activity and the test token although it holds zero value, possesses all of traits of the real APT token that will include value. This lets the user carryout transactions in the exact same manner as they would on the mainnet, without the risk of monetary loss, due to bugs, and other performance issues, that have not yet manifested or been realized. It would be similar to making a deposit at your bank before it opens, using fake money to test and optimize the transaction process before making. their services available to the public. This would be done to protect both the bank and those using the bank. This is the reason for testnets, and valueless tokens are used to execute valueless transactions, to minimize or eliminate the probability of loss or failure, before putting real value at risk on the mainnet using real tokens. The testnet token can be used later after the mainnet launch, to test and perfect new features before adding them to the already live mainnet.


There are projects based on Aptos which are under development and testing. You can use these test tokens for testing them. So… For helping this way it is possible to get some rewards from those projects (depends on them).


тестируй новые проекты на АПТОС которые проходят тест в тестовой сети, возможно вас даже наградят в будущем


You can use it in Testnet activities


That is test tokens who have no real value. They only used for testing the platform.
As you know plateform is upgraded to mainnet so there are no real value of them.

However they can be used when any new project on aptos chain will come and if there will be requirement of test tokens


i work testnet…
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