I got this nft about 42 days ago.but i didn't receive airdrop.I tried everything.still not eligible

can i get the airdrop my address 0xa6d83e78c3d3897f0d33a2da1e7b9f0ce494d3c6661c61a6c42b2fd27389484d lczeck057@gmail.com

Have you tried changing the email you are logged in with?

I had this same issue. I registered with my discord but tried to log in with my email so it didn’t work till I did it with my discord


i tried just now still not eligible

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I couldnt do it too, my friend! TRY to log in your email directly in your profile(on the top your page in right corner)! dont wait message to email. I did it and claimed airdrop successfully! good luck