Hunt for the 2nd APTOS airdrop? You can't do without APTOS SYSTEMS


This note is for those who do not know where to look :mag_right: for APTOS projects for activities in order to receive an airdrop :gift:.

I won’t pull the cat’s tail. Search here: APTOS SYSTEMS
There are projects with activities in the test network: AptosLaunch, Vial Protocol, Verilog Solutions, Aptin Finance, OpenOcean and others.

In addition, activity can be shown in already launched projects. These are all wallets , as well as NFT services: Topaz NFT Marketplace and Souffl3.

And of course, don’t forget :bulb: and don’t be greedy :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: to buy an APTOS domain name from Aptos Name Service. In my personal opinion, having an APTOS domain will be your entry ticket :tickets: to the airdrop. And his absence is a barrier :construction:. Perhaps this is the most important :bulb: paragraph in this short note.

Good luck gentlemen in your airdrop :moneybag: hunt!

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Thanks great info bro


true story bro :slight_smile:

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What is the cost of Aptos Domain name and where can it be bought?

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Aptos is very professional and has a clear development plan.

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Cost: 1 APT. Buy here: Aptos Name Service


thanks for the information my bro :cupid:

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