Huge project !!

I’ve been interested in crypto for 3 years.I have been the node operator of many projects before. I currently own Near and Forta nodes actively. I am admin for the Turkish community of many projects.

As I mentioned above, there are many node installation resources on my github account if you want to review.


Welcome mate.
We hope you are with us for long.
Short term members get frustrated when they dont get their short term profits.


Absolutely you’re right :ok_hand:


You’re welcome and good to have you ever Aptos ecosystem, hope you finds it convenient here in taking part and contributing to the network with your experience with other networks

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A good resume u have achieved, consistency pays keep d good work


Good to have you here.

You are welcome to Aptos family. We are so happy to have you here

really amazing project !!

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Surely one of the biggest

Büyük proje için uyumamak elde değil

Thank you.

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Hello, it’s nice to see you around :wink:

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Thank you and you too.:handshake:t3:

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