How will Meeiro IDO Launchpad work?

The Meeiro Launchpad’s mission is to provide new projects with everything they require to lay a solid foundation for rapid growth and long-term success.

Allocation Distribution

The launchpad will be connected to Meeiro Staking. We designed this launchpad in order to grow our community while rewarding our loyal holders. The more $MEE tokens you stake, the more IDO allocations you will have.

The allocations users will receive will be as per below:

  • Each $MEE gives you one “share”

What is a Share?

Each Share gives you the possibility to buy the token, which is sold on Meeiro. The price for each Share will be defined right before the token launch.

Can I have Shares without staking any MEE?

In each IDO 10% of the total shares will be distributed to the community pool. This pool will be accessible on a lottery basis. In each IDO, we will have a few social tasks to be completed by users in order for them to get shares in the community pool. The more social tasks the user completes, the more chance they have to be selected from the community pool.

How is each allocation determined?

For each IDO, the amount of allocation will change. It will be determined by the following equation:

​The Raising Amount is the amount the project wishes to raise through Meeiro.

The Number of Shares is the total number of shares that are participating during an IDO (user must register for the IDO, to have his/her shares taken into account)

The Raising Amount is multiplied by 4 to maximize the chance to reach the goal. If we raise more than the goal, users will be proportionally refunded.

Eg. We run an IDO with a hard cap of 200,000 USDC with each TOKEN costing 1 USDC and we have 5,000,000 registered shares.

As a user, I have 3000 MEE staked, which means I have 3000 shares.

I can now calculate my allocation:

[Allocation] = (200,0004/5,000,000)3000 = 480 USDC of allocation, which means 480 TOKENS

For each IDO, there are 4 possible scenarios:

All allocations are fulfilled

If all allocations are fulfilled, it means that we will have an oversubscription of 400%.

In the example, I will only receive 1/4 of my allocation and be refunded by the 3/4, meaning that I will receive 120 TOKENS, and be refunded of 360 USDC. This is the worst case, the case where I receive the less tokens.

All allocations are not fulfilled but the IDO is oversubscribed

If all allocations are not fulfilled but the IDO is oversubscribed (amount raised > target amount to be raised, then the number of tokens I will receive will be defined with the following equation:

So let’s say we’ve reached the goal with 200% oversubscribing:

[N° of tokens received] = 4801/2 = 240 TOKEN*

So I will receive 240 TOKENS and be refunded of 240 USDC

Raising below the goal

If we are below the fundraising goal (amount raised < target amount), then I will receive all the tokens for which I paid.

In this case, I will receive 480TOKENS

We raise less than half of the target

In the case an IDO doesn’t cross 50% of the fundraising target, then my USDC will be fully refunded.

In this case, I will be refunded 480USDC


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