How to viral posts on Aptos Community

We all need those likes, replies and engagements on this platform to increase our trust level.

I’ve been fortunate to have posts that have gained massive reactions from the community.

I want to share how I did it. Make sure you read to the end. I’m sharing a secret.

  1. I make sure the post is relevant to the community.

  2. I pick topics that I know a lot of people will find useful.

  3. I make it as clean as possible. I use spacing well.

  4. I make it sound exciting.

Secret: I copy the link to the post. I look for related posts that are doing well. I make reasonable reply then past the link to my own post.

Secret 2: There’s something we call CTA. Call to Action. At the end of your post, tell readers what you want them to do. Tell them to like, comment, share, drop emojis etc.

So, if you have learnt something useful in this post, kindly LIKE, REPLY, SHARE AND QUOTE.

Do you know how to quote?

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