How to use Fewcha wallet

How to Use Fewcha Wallet :point_down:

To use Fewcha Wallet, first you need to download the extension.

Then, you need to create your Fewcha Wallet Account Next, you will be asked to select your default blockchain. If you want to set Aptos as your default, go for it, or select Sui blockchain.If you have already installed the Fewcha Wallet extension, you can skip this step.

First, you need to add the extension to the Chrome browser.

To do so, visit the Fewcha Wallet website and click “Get Extension”. Now, you will be taken to the Chrome Web Store, where you can install the extension2. Click “Create a new wallet”
After the installation, the extension gets opened automatically in a new tab. If not, click the “puzzle icon” and navigate to Fewcha Wallet and open it.

Now, you will get to see two options: “Create a new wallet” and “Use an existing wallet”. Click “Create a new wallet”3. Set a New Password
It’s now time to set a password for your Fewcha Wallet account. This password is to access your Fewcha Wallet from your current device.

Set a strong and easy-to-remember password with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Then, read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and accept them.


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