How to use Cetus Bridge powered by Wormhole and add liquidity in Cetus pools

Brief information about the Cetus Protocol

Cetus is a pioneer of DEX and concentrated liquidity protocols focused on Move-based ecosystems such as Aptos and Sui. It serves as an important part of the ecosystem infrastructure to meet the comprehensive needs of merchants, LPs, top applications, and an increasing DeFi population. Cetus’ core offering is about concentrated liquidity, which allows users to add their liquidity in a special price range.

Capital efficiency is the first thing That Cetus can redefine for the Aptos ecosystem, which is supported by its concentrated liquidity algorithm. Both liquidity providers and traders can benefit from this. By concentrating liquidity on the active price range, LPs can earn transaction fees more efficiently. Traders can enjoy trading low slippage around the spot price during their swaps. In addition, developers can easily build their own products and tip to Cetus’ most efficient liquidity sources by integrating with openly accessible smart contracts and SDKs. Cetus was originally built on Aptos and will expand into other Move-based blockchain networks

They have added strategic partnerships with LayerZero Labs, CelerNetwork, Axelar Network, Tortuga Finance, Fewcha Wallet. Also, they Launched #Cetus Quests in with many interesting activities there.

Official Website Twitter: Docs : HOME - Cetus Docs

Easy steps to use the pioneering CetusProtocol- dex and liquidity protocol built on the Aptos blockchain

How to exchange and add liquidity in First Cetus

Go to and connect your wallet. Cetus has supported Mars, Petra, Pontem, Fewcha and Spika on the Cetus user interface.

Then, you will see 2 options for Swaps or Pools at the top of the page. For the swap function, select the pair you want to exchange, add the number of tokens/coins and adjust the Slippage Tolerance with 3 options of 0.1%, 0.5% and 1% according to your needs. Next, click on exchange and approve it in your wallet. Next, how to exchange and add liquidity in First Cetus, go to and connect your wallet.

Choose your target asset and Enter the amount

After everything is set up, confirm swap to proceed this transaction and you will receive your target asset in a few seconds.

Add Liquidity on Cetus

Check out all the listed trading pools on Cetus and choose the ce-assets pools that you want to provide liquidity. There are more pools to be shown on our dapp.

Remove Liquidity from Cetus

Click ‘Pool’ Page to check your position so you will see ‘Remove’ option at the left.

  1. Enter the amount that your want to remove liquidity. We provide several boundaries including 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% for users to quickly select or users can always drag the bar to adjust the right amount.

Notice: Make sure you have sufficient APT for transaction fees and view all information before confirming or approving your transaction. Please try with the appropriate number of properties first to familiarize yourself with the Cetus protocol.

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