How to stay updated in the web3 space with web2 media

Everyone in web3 these days wants to stay ahead of the pack but are not necessarily doing what they should, in this piece, I’ll be letting you in on a few simple things that would really help in achieving this.

  1. Stay active on social media platforms like Twitter and discord.
    This is very crucial as long as you follow a lot of prominent individuals who are grounded and have carved themselves a niche you find interest in the web3 space, you’ll get useful info as well as staying ahead of the pack.

  2. Always keep your eyes on discord announcement servers.
    Make sure to always check the announcements on your various web3 projects on discord it’s helps a whole lot, I would advise checking in as early as you wake, anytime during the noon hours and before you sleep at the very least, this doesn’t mean you should limit yourself, you can always check as many times as possible cuz in web3, things happen fast and only the fast can take it by the horns.

Like we all know, information is power, stay informed.


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