How to spot gems using the right tools

To spot gems you need the right tools, but you don’t need to fork out money to get started.

There is one free tool I use everyday to find emerging narratives early.

Let’s take a look at Artemis.

  1. Artemis is a free analytics platform that offers one of the most comprehensive and intuitive dashboard for on-chain blockchain data as well as trending contracts.

  2. Blockchain Macro Overview

On the Artemis home page, you can see an overview of general blockchain health with metrics such as transaction volume, stablecoin flows, daily active addresses and more.

  1. Chain Comparison

Where this gets more interesting is the Chain comparison, which gives you a granular overview of various blockchain with stats such as active addresses, 3M change etc.

This is useful in spotting chains that could trend in the near future.

  1. Developer Activity

Artemis also allows you to rank blockchains based on developer activity.

Here you can see the changes in active developers and commits for all supported blockchains.

Not only that, you can find the commit activity for specific projects as well.

  1. Overall, Artemis is an insanely useful tool to analyze blockchains that may trend in the future, as well as for spotting budding narratives before others. This can help you figure out what the next narrative might be using data rather than solely relying on hearsay.

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