How to run a node effectively

This is a tutorial on how to run a node, i really hope you find it useful

In computer science and network theory, a node is a basic unit of a network that can receive, transmit, and route data. A node can be any electronic device that is connected to a network, such as a computer, smartphone, router, or server.

Nodes can be classified in different ways based on their function and position within a network. For example, in a client-server architecture, a server node is responsible for providing services to client nodes, while client nodes are responsible for making requests to the server node.

In a peer-to-peer network, all nodes are considered equal, and each node can act as both a client and a server. This type of network is often used for file sharing and decentralized applications.

Nodes can also be categorised based on their degree, which refers to the number of connections they have to other nodes in the network. A node with a high degree is known as a hub, while a node with a low degree is known as a peripheral node.

In summary, nodes are an essential component of computer networks, and their classification and function can vary depending on the specific network architecture and application.