How to reach 11 badges for just five minutes🤗

Are you new to the space and wish to get some badges to get you prepared
for the upcoming drop but don’t know how to go about it? Well there is a solution.
Follow the process below to get it all wrapped up in 10 min

:arrow_forward: Make a good post
:arrow_forward: Edit the post
:arrow_forward: Tag friends on the post
:arrow_forward: Share the post with friends
:arrow_forward: Reply friends or reply a message via your E-mail
:arrow_forward: Use an emoji in a post
:arrow_forward: Add a link to a post that differs from yours
:arrow_forward: Quote a text
:arrow_forward: Take your time to read through some posts you see on this platform
:arrow_forward: Receive a like. Once you drop one here i will return to you for you to get the badge

With the above mentioned you should be able to get yourself 10 badges which would enable you for the 2nd round Airdrop.
Enjoy fam!