How to Raise Community Activity? Official Aptos Wallet Development - Third Parties Wallets and dApps Cooperation/Integration

Greetings to the Aptos community!

Since a few weeks ago, there has been an increased interest and focus on raising community (public) activity around the Aptos ecosystem, more specific Aptos community.

I’ve been kicking around ideas in my head ever since.

How we could really generate engagement with the public and the new users we get in the community at the current stage of development of the Aptos ecosystem and the third party developments around Aptos ecosystem?

Currently there are many ways to generate some form of engagement through events, that are well known in many crypto communities/projects. Ideally we should focus specifically around the Aptos ecosystem to look for solutions.

The first suggestions that come to my mind are very simple:

  1. Aptos Official Wallet - So far Aptos Official Wallet is only for use by developers.
    Currently, the general public cannot use the Aptos wallet to test other developments in the Aptos ecosystem.

It would be important for the Aptos team to start generating efforts to integrate the official Aptos wallet to the current dApps that are being developed and used by the communities of these dApps.

  1. Third Parties, Wallets / Developments - Key project developers/projects must have communication and support from the Aptos team.
    So far there is no comprehensive or official cooperation with third parties developments.

It is important to gather efforts to give clear and official answers, on the plans and structures in which the Aptos team can support relevant third parties in the ecosystem, fairly and equally.


Working within the Fewcha Wallet project, and also participating in other dApps communities. I have realize that the main interest of the public is in being able to test these Web3 products that are being developed, that is where the interaction of the community is being directed.

It has already been noted that the peaks of engagement of the community are through the incentives for participation of the AIT.

Many ideas have been discussed about events, but it is well known that the idea behind these events in any crypto community will lead to the most common questions for these interactions:

How to attract the public to participate in the events?
What would be the participation rewards for the public (if any)?

This opens to the idea or possibility of:

How can the Aptos team collaborate in encouraging/incentivate the communities of development projects fairly and equally around the Aptos ecosystem to test their products?

At the end of the day, users testing products developed in the Aptos ecosystem is really the goal and the engagement from the public for Aptos Blockchain as well as for all Layer 1 Blockchain today.

Thank you all for your attention, looking forward to reading the feedback.


To your point on users testing products for different incentives, projects that are currently building and testing on Aptos during the devnet phase that are promising testers reward that will be directed to wallets that are being reset on a weekly basis, thus making receipt of promised rewards impossible and efforts seemingly futile, seriously undermine all that you have stated here as favourable outcomes in terms of exposure and community building. Is there a solution in the works for this? This has been my observation and and I apologize in advance if I have mischaracterized and refrained from using names for that reason.