How to qualify for Aptos airdrop 2

Did you get the $APT airdrop? More is on the way.

From our checks, Aptos Only airdropped about 3% of the total 51% of the tokens meant for the community.

Will there be a second airdrop? How do you qualify?

Find out below, A Thread

First Head over to
Log in on the top right side, with the old account that you used to claim your first airdrop.

If you are new, you can register with either your discord or your email.

Make sure the discord account uses the same email as the one you register with, or you might encounter serious issues while trying to register.

Create a Unique username, and verify your email.

Fill in your bio, upload your picture, also upload a banner, fill in your date of birth,

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how to complete new user tutorial


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I missed the first one. I hopefully believe I can get this 2nd batch.

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Do you find it difficult to understand how these badges are gotten?

A. Login with your Discord or Gmail.
B. As you interact with the platform you get badges, example to get a badge for the first like, first reaction, or first comment just perform the particular task on this post, like this post to get a badge for THE FIRST LIKE BADGE, comment on this post to get a badge for the FIRST COMMENT BADGE and as well react on this post to get the FIRST REACTION BADGE and etc. Summarizing, doing any of the below task gives you a badge.

A. like this post with a heart.
B. emoji this post.
C. quote this post.
D. share this post via email.
E. throw any link in the comment.
F. filled out profile information.
G. reach trust level 1.
H. create a new post.
I. edit this post by adding emoji to it.
J. drop your post below in replies and i’ll post like it.
K. use 50 likes in a day

I hope this helps.

How do I know that I have a badge

You will see a tick on the badge

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