How to position yourself for $10000 airdrop

Alot of people have missed from recent airdrops, and many more are to come, if youve not gotten any do not worry theres still large oppurtunities you can fish from, we all heard of how big arbitrium airdrop was and even bigger oppurtunity are here to come zksync raise $450 million and they are yet to launch not just only that there are chains of massive project building on zksync, they are as follows

  1. orbiter finance
  2. syncswap
  3. myspace
  4. 10kswap

and many others, if you interact with zksync and the projects in its chains, you can make life changing money and hence this will be one of the biggest in crypto. also take metamask airdrop serious and base airdrop, you can check them on twitter and do the airdrop task. Good lock on your pursuit. please leave a comment below if you find this insightful


thanks for the information, nice trend


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