How to participate and engage in Aptos Forum for Eligibility

Since the second round of Aptos Community Incentive is here, we ought to know what we need to do to be eligible for the incentive.

There are speculations that the second incentive is gonna be louder than the first and we all hope so.

Let’s share our knowledge together and he’ll ourselves to be eligible for this incentive by dropping strategies or tasks to do on this platform to be eligible for the incentive.

From Me:

  1. Comment, without spam, on any post or topic you see and share valuable knowledge.

  2. Try to log into the platform atleast 5 days in a week.

  3. Post atleast 2 times in a week.

  4. Like people’s comments.

  5. Invite people to the platform (but i am yet to find the invite link) Please if you know where to find it, drop a guide on the comment section below.


Add your favorite strategies too. :heart:


very interesting guide! Appreciate it @airdropkingg1


Thank you for your response.

nice and good

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Nice post
Was helpful.

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indeed, think this network will blow up in 2024, the basis are planned :grinning:

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