How To Overcome Crypto Scam

Many a time we’ve seen people being used as an exit liquidity, how do you think we as a community can overcome that?

It seems many people don’t understand morality and integrity and much works needs to be done in this space to protect the interest of the common man, the end user like me and you.

Lots of crypto influencer used their community as a pawn and in the word of one of my teacher in this space, he would always say “be the highest paid pawn” but then, the question is, how to be the highest paid pawn without fumbling your integrity and morality.

Let’s discuss :sparkles:


I think it’s simply by doing your research and only going for projects you have high conviction in. Have a Hodl time frame and know your resistance capacity (Can you hold to 0 or is a 30% dump enough to exist and count your losses)… just like doing business in real life


Yep, i think i align woth your thoughts

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Wow, that is awesome


Wonderful, thank you

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