How to mint an nft in public sale using the contract

Learn how to mint an NFT in a public sale, with time advantages and earning opportunities!

  • Mint NFT via contract

We will be discussing about

  1. What functions are in a contract
  2. A step-by-step guide to minting
  3. The benefits of minting via a contract

1 What functions are in a contract

A. The key function is “mint”, which can be adjusted (e.g. publicMint, whitelistMint, etc.).

B. Note that some functions in the contract may not be accessible, resulting in rejected transactions or high fees.

  • How to find the contract?

There are 4 main ways:

A. Take it on @opensea
B. A collection itself in social networks gives a contract
C. Find a collection in @icy_tools - there it will be for sure
D. Get the contract from the website

  1. A step-by-step guide to minting

A. Find the right contract
B. Check the price of the collection and how much is on the wallet
C. Enter the contract
D. Press “Contract → Write Contract → Connect to Web3”
E. Look for the mint function for our stage
F. Set the price and quantity (exactly as specified by the founders)
G. Click Write and confirm in the wallet

  • Tips for high fees in minting

A. Check if the minting phase is still open
B. Double-check the values you entered and your eligibility
C. Look for required signatures in the contract

  • No signature, no minting according to the contract.

3.Benefits of minting via a contract:

A Contract minting is accessible even if the project lacks a website.
B. Transactions can be made directly with the contract.
C. Even if the website experiences heavy traffic, minting through the contract can still be utilized.