How to live healthy

Live healthy and improve your activities in your environment ,firstly you need discipline
Keeping your self away from thing that can cause degradation to you health

Having lots of rest : rest is an important factor in our daily life prioritize rest and you definitely get the best in you
Drink lots of water : water is really essential for life and all the body processes taking at least 3liters of water improve by our body works and metabolism

Exercise: stress isn’t exercise exercise is a series of rhythm like movement to actively achieve a fluid and fess movement of a body part ,improving it in strength, flexibility, stamina ,posture , and even build a more compacted muscular structure
These are just a few things you can do to get your self going in your day to day activities


It’s always nice when you go all out getting different things to eat
Your entire system depends on what you bring in to it
Gluten is not so good for humans and accumulating more body fat than you can move with is actually not a good way to go

It increases you chances or heart disease
Cardiac arrests
Leg ache due to weight
Deficiency die lack of nutrients
Poor growth and development in both adult and children
It definitely cause health degeneration over time shortness of life span

Our life is basically on a good chance affected by what comes into our system.
Well it’s a good thing you know a few you
And pardon my punctuation

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Exercise is important

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There have been long lasting relationships between living health and staying fit

Fitness works with healthy living
But you can be healthy and not fit
Fitness comes through a series of exe Targeted at a specific area where the development is needed.
These areas experience like a stress leading to development, expansion , or rigidness of that particular area.

Exercise tends to increase metabolism rate , help the digestion of food and order regulation of the body .
It aids the mind to stay sharp and strengthens the body