How to join the $brc

What is BrcChain and how to join the airdrop?, let’s check it out

@brcchain_io is A robust DeFi layer for the Bitcoin ecosystem, enabling efficient AMM for BRC-20 tokens and facilitating a swift, seamless trading experience #BRC20 #ORDI.

and how to join the airdrop?, it’s very easy

1. Join Discord

(1) you can join discord brc chain with following link:
2) verify by clicking the emoji To get full access to the BRC Chain community

2. Instal wallet and add rpc

(1) make sure you have installed metamask wallet and unisat wallet,

3. completing the task

(1) First you claim faucet,

  • Enter your wallet address from metamask
  • Copy link and tweet on twitter
  • Paste your tweet link and click verify
    then you can start the bridge
  • Connect your wallet
  • choose this coin you swap and click swap
  • approve in your wallet and wait a while
  • Done

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Send the link so i can join