How to interact with aptos wave 2

    *first of all, congratulations to people who was able to participate in the $Aptos first drop, and for those who didn’t get the opportunity to do so, this is the right time to put yourself on track and try as much as possible to position yourself for the next drop.

  • According to research Aptos has set aside almost 52% of total supply for the community, there’s still available tokens for the community.

  • As we all know there will be requirements which are to be met in order to qualify for the next drop, e.g The badges . Now let’s proceed to the steps

STEP 1: open your browser type in forum.aptos register all the necessary things, your discord, input a valid email, also make sure it’s the mail to your discord so as to avoid any issues in the future .

STEP 2: head over to your profile, upload a cover photo and a profile photo also, edit your bio and DOB

STEP 3: head over to topic at click on new topic

STEP 4: you can also earn badges by following the procedures on your profile, do well to interact well with this . THANK YOU :blush: