How to interact on the Aptos community and get a badge

To easily obtain more badges without stress or having to spam for it, here are few tips;
(1) Activeness : when you are active in the forum, believe me sincerely , you would get more badges more than you expected . Ask me why?
If you add Aptos Forum to your “to do list “you would come here daily to interact, contribute, help the new ones coming in, before you know it, you’ve almost gotten all badges :white_check_mark:

(2)Stay Genuine; once you come here to interact at your free time, your contributions pays a vital roles that you don’t even know . Your interest in the project would literally made you invest some of your time here while communicating with the community.

(3)Contribution ; helping each other to grow, asking questions, answering questions would increase your knowledge about the project , while doing all these
without even checking, you’re badging up trust me :white_check_mark:

(4)Positive Energy; try as much as possible to promote good content that would benefit the community members in a positive way. Come through with big energy and positivity :white_check_mark:

(5)Promoting ; sharing links for people that hasn’t gotten the hype yet, you can put them on, in other not to miss out. As you’re helping others indirectly you’re helping yourself :white_check_mark: