How to get trust levels

Here’s what I wished I had known earlier to help your achieve the trust 3 easily

You don’t need to read 20k posts to get to trust level 3 (I achieved that over a month ago and still didn’t get the trust level 3). What you need is to read new post and interact with each of them)
Create topics more often and interact with with the comments on your topic
Don’t read any old posts from 3 months ago and above, they don’t count
Don’t stop showing up everyday if you have done this and still haven’t gotten the badge yet, there’s still 6 days left to the Aptos token unlock, so you can dedicate 3 days this week, to achieve the trust level 3.
Like posts more often and try as much as possible to accumulate more likes
Lastly, if you get the regular and fail to show up for up to 3 days, it might be taken away from you.
These are my observations, you can drop a like if you find this educational.

Comment your observations and questions as well, and share this post to your friends who might need this. let’s go guys


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