How to get Trust level?

Don’t sure my question is relevant, I’m kinda stupid. Does someone know condition for obtain trust level?


By being active


Just be active here in the community


Good morning you just have to read, like and comment in one word be ACTIVE


@dairyfarm just be more active

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Just engage with forum as much as possible


Being active, engage people’s post , like comment, show up daily

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Make sure you are active


These should help you out

:link:: APTOS (2.0) AIRDROP💸: A Guide For Trust Level Boosting 🚀


active with us


Good write up


Trust Level 1 - BASIC:
At Discourse, reading is considered the most fundamental and beneficial activity within any community. New users who invest some time in reading are quickly promoted to trust level 1.

To reach trust level 1, the following conditions must be met by the users:

• Must enter at least five topics.

• Read a minimum of 30 posts, and spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts.

Once these requirements are met, all restrictions imposed on new users are lifted, and trust level 1 users can utilize all core functions of Discourse.


Trust Level 2 - MEMBER:
Members are users who consistently participate in the community over a period of several weeks. They have not only read but also actively engaged long enough to be considered trusted members.

To achieve trust level 2, the following conditions must be met by the users:

• Visited the community on at least 15 days (not necessarily consecutively)

• Give at least one like.

• Receive at least one like.

• Reply to at least three different topics.

• Enter at least 20 topics

• Read at least 100 posts.

• Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts.


Trust Level 3 - REGULAR:

Regulars are highly valued contributors and dedicated members of the community who have actively participated in discussions for several months or years. They are regarded as reliable and trusted members who can help maintain the community by organizing and cleaning up content.

To attain trust level 3, the following conditions must be met within the last 100 days:

• Visited the community on at least 50% of the days.

• Replied to at least 10 different topics, excluding personal messages.

• Viewed at least 25% of the topics created in the last 100 days (capped at 500).

• Read at least 25% of the posts created in the last 100 days (capped at 20,000).

• Received at least 20 likes and given at least 30 likes from a minimum number of different users (1/5 the number) on different days (1/4 the number). Likes received cannot be from personal messages.

• Did not receive more than 5 spam or offensive flags confirmed by a moderator.

• Was not suspended or sile


To increase your trust level on the Aptos forum all you need is to be active in the community! Read new topics, like comments or posts, create a new topic yourself to share with the community


Trust Level 4 - LEADERS:

Leaders are experienced regulars who have demonstrated their positive influence on the community through their actions and contributions. They have earned the highest level of trust within the community and are considered almost moderators themselves. Leaders are the go-to people for guidance or advice.

To achieve trust level 4, manual promotion by the staff is required. In the future, an election system may also be developed for promoting members to this level.

Users at trust level 4 have the following privileges:

• Edit all posts.

• Pin or unpin topics.

• Close, archive, unlist, split, merge, and reset the bump date of topics.

• Increased daily like, edit, and flag limits by 3 times.

• Any trust level 4 flag cast on any post immediately takes effect and hides the target post.

• Send personal messages to an email address.


“I hope I have helped you.”


such a good advice!


Thanks folks, really helpful :cow2:!

your question is not stupid…
Just stay active

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