How to Get Seilor Role on Sei Airdrop

The verified sailor role is Requirement to get Sei airdrop

This role means you have been verified to be a human being and your photograph taken in real time. I’m very certain they will take this seriously and also use it to get rid of bots. If you don’t get this role, chances are that you may be flagged off as a bot and hence will not be able to get any drop.
So if you haven’t gotten this role make sure to get it as fast as possible.

Here is how to get it.

  1. Go to their discord, click on the three horizontal dots near their Barner image.
  2. Click on “linked roles
  3. Follow the prompt, this will take you to a new page, click yes, in the page be patient as the biometric engine initializes.
    Once it’s ready, make sure you are in a lighted environment while the engine tries to capture your face
  4. Once it’s done, go back to discord, click on the three dots again and click linked roles again and click finish
  5. You should have your role now. just a send a message on their group and clich you profile i can to confirm if you have it or not

I remember doing this then …
Sei messed up with community
They must go down