How to get key information

Is there any command to get access to my keys. Gone through the setup from source code guide, got to
cargo run --release -p aptos – genesis set-validator-configuration
–keys-dir ~/$WORKSPACE --local-repository-dir ~/$WORKSPACE
–username aptosbot
and all I get is “result: success”. Apparently I have compiled all successfully, but for some reason it will not give details for the following which is becomming very annoying;

Are there any commands to get this information so I can proceed installing my validator node? Obviously left generic IP address in the displayed code

If you followed official guide:
cd /testnet
cat $HOME/testnet/username.yaml

*username is what you gibe by creating the file

Hey, do follow the Hamza’s command. Also, in your case, replace username.yaml with aptosbot.yaml in the command. Alternatively, you can access aptosbot.yaml file by going to root/testnet as well. If you are on VPS, SSH CLIENTS do give you this ability

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Glad that you found it helpful :blush: