How to get goerli eth in a large scale


Most people are complaining cos of the high rise of gETH gas fees and the insufficient supply of gETH from faucet banks, here below is how to get gETH for in bulk, swiftly, for a very low price also

:white_check_mark:Go to
:white_check_mark:Connect wallet
:white_check_mark:Change network to polygon
:white_check_mark:Make sure you have your token as matic
:white_check_mark:Swap matic to FDT, swap amount you need for geth
:white_check_mark:Go to bridge
:white_check_mark:Bridge FDT to goerliEth.
:white_check_mark:Wait for a few minutes for your gETH to arrive

Note: you need like 2 matic as gas fee to finish it all.

Max you’ll spend is $10
Hope this was informative🙏
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