How to get badges 🙂

Hello guys, today I want to show you How to upgrade your Trust level

“Trust Level 1 - Basic”.
Go to 5 topics;
Read no less than 30 messages;
Sit on the forum for at least 10 minutes, reading the publications.
“Trust Level 2 - Member”.
Come to the forum 15 days (not necessarily without passes);
Put at least 1 “Like”;
Get at least 1 “Like”;
Leave a comment in 3 different topics;
Learn at least 20 topics;
Read at least 100 posts;
Sit on the forum for at least 60 minutes to read the publications.
“Trust Level 3 - Regular”.
To get the third level for the last 100 days you should:
Visit the forum for at least 50 days;
Reply to at least 10 different topics;
View no less than 25% of all topics created during the last 100 days (no more than 500);
View at least 25% of all posts written in the last 100 days (not more than 20,000);
Get 20 likes and place 30 likes;
Must not have more than 5 spam or insult flags;
Must not have been banned in the last 6 months.
“Trust Level 4 - L


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