How to get badges for aptos in 10min

Add a profile photo and fill in the details
Like this post :heart:
Give emojis in this post
Quote this post by:

n then

Click Reply -
Continue to click the “:arrow_right_hook:” sign at the top
Click “+ Reply as Linked Topic”
Fill in the details keep posting
Coment this post by clicking “reply” and tag a friend with “@” and add an emoji
Create a Topic post by:
click this link 6
Click " + New Topic "
Fill in the details, add a link, add emoji and tag friends by “@” in the post
Edit posts that have been posted by clicking the pencil mark
Click All These Posts Keep Click Quote
Share this post by clicking the chain tag “:link:” in Twitter and email
Go to Badges continue to select “Read Guidelines” continue to scroll until the bottom
Like 50 Snapshots.

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i hope this help you guys

yea we can se and patient for can claim budges i trust because this very amazing and i belive this beautiful project who would have thought that aptos would continue to launch interesting projects that were no less great than the others, starting from tesnet then mainet and also budges and many more, this is really fun and amazing :smiling_face: :grin: :slightly_smiling_face: and I will continue to follow it because I hold the trust of this project, thanks

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So, let us add each other. I am here to meet new people!

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check all information here How to qualify for Aptos airdrop 2

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