How to get APTOSdomein?

How to Get your Aptos Name

The Aptos Labs team has been very mindful in how we launch ANS to ensure Aptos names end up in the hands of real users and projects that intend to use the names fairly and equitably.

ANS supports names that are 3+ characters, and Latin characters, numbers and hyphens are supported. To start, ANS enables registering names for a 1 year rental period to ensure an equal opportunity for people to register for names and to encourage active use by owners. Over time, we will enable longer rental periods, and we will also enable users to renew their registration before the 1 year period ends.

Take the following steps to get your Aptos name and set it up:

  1. Log into your Aptos wallet (download an Aptos wallet here if you don’t have one)
  2. Search for an Aptos name
  3. Click on “Register” to buy the name
  4. Approve the transaction
  5. Go to “My Domains”
  6. Go to “Settings”
  7. Update the New Target Address and click “Update”

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