How to get aptos airdrop 2?

Guide for aptos airdrop 2- for tamil people’s :v:


:o::sparkles:HashGreenSwap Testnet:sparkles::o:

:ok_hand:Discord: HashgreenSwap 5

:thread:Wallet : Hoogii Wallet

:heavy_minus_sign:Network: Chia Testnet

:sunny:Faucet :

Install Hoogii wallet:

After install wallet, change network to testnet.

Link: 3



:heavy_minus_sign:Add & remove liquidity

:heavy_minus_sign:Give feedback on discord #ideas-and-feedback


:low_brightness:how to install wallet and explorer testnet check this tweet

:low_brightness:tokenomics HashgreenSwap

:beginner:For more Airdrops Join @MaransCrypto

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check out this awesome thread on twitter

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Helpful thread❤