How to fix this API error?

How to fix it?

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ aptos init
Configuring for profile default
Choose network from [devnet, testnet, mainnet, local, custom | defaults to devnet]

No network given, using devnet...
Enter your private key as a hex literal (0x...) [Current: None | No input: Generate new key (or keep one if present)]

No key given, generating key...

Account 2b895ffd8a5f9f4d3c040be9e3376d04c9d9cdd0aecf5b14afd053e4edf55ecd doesn't exist, creating it and funding it with 100000000 Octas
  "Error": "API error: Unknown error Transaction expired, without being seen in mempool. It is guaranteed it will not be committed on chain."