How to Find an NFT?!

Hello Everyone,

First Congrats to the team for launching the APT$ and distributing the airdrop with all the problems! it’s not finished yet you got a hectic day managing everything.
after a long term, I came back here, to all of my Iranian friends here: we will win this revolution in IRAN #MahsaAmini
so I will start:
After I got my APT$ today I had one big problem.
not about Airdrop about my Aptos Zero no. 88268.
I lost it and I don’t know where is it.
I have 5 wallets so I try to search but nothing.
problem is:

on another blockchain like Ethereum or Binance, we can find so easy an nft collection and no. of nfts to find how is the holder.
on Aptos we don’t have this function, I was about 2 hours busy finding this nft collection on the Aptos blockchain but nothing.
not on the blue move because I didn’t list it.
so is there any option to find this nft and information of the wallet holder?

Dyor #MahsaAmini


Depends on the kind of wallet you use bro

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I didnt look for the wallet.
Like i want to see on blockchain explore the collection of Aptos Zero.
Its not possible or its possible?

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That was not an answer for my question.
I will sure to not have that nft!

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What do you need help with bro?