How to find a good project and be safe

Hi all! I think it will be interesting for many to discuss and understand for themselves once and for all with it to start their journey in any project.
Aptos has achieved a great level of trust from users, both those who have received a generous Airdrop and those who have invested early in Aptos ecosystem projects.
But sometimes people forget about security, I check projects very carefully, but I myself fell for the bait on Twitter and I was robbed of $ 40 (but now is not about this).
I have been in Cryptocurrency for 1 year and always check projects that are just starting in ecosystems.
I give preference to those projects that are officially in the ecosystem, that is, Aptos must write about these projects in their official sources, and must also be subscribed in all social networks to the project that they support and approve in their ecosystem.
That way you and I will be safe.
I would like to hear the opinion of the Aptos team on this, as I may be wrong.
Members share your experience in choosing projects.