How to excel in LIFE


“Excelling is Everybody’s Plan In Life”
But many Don’t know how to…
firstly i must Say you have to be DETERMINED
secondly, Stay FOCUSED
Thirdly, Set Your GOALS
then Very importantly, AVIOD PROCRASTINATIONS (it brings one down)
DREAM BIG (Start small)
AVOID WOMEN :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:
when you do all this, you’ll see yourself scaling new heights :100:


Life pro tip: Excel in life by embracing the 3 C’s - Curiosity, Courage, and a whole lot of Coffee (or tea, if you’re fancy).

Excelling in life is all about finding the right tools, right? :star2: Speaking of which, if you’re into organization and productivity like I am, have you considered exploring Trello migration? I recently came across this cool resource on migrating from Trello to another platform that might be worth checking out.

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You forget to add keeping a good relationship with God

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