How to engage more people to the forum?

Hi there! I think that it’s important and interesting question.
I found this forum accidentally and I was impressed how much information it contains. Really, I got much more information about ecosystem.
I suggest to engage some influencers or may be provide a small giveaway for new people here.
What do you think about what? Do you have any suggestion? Looking forward to your replies!


“Less people, more oxygen.” But seriously, most of these new people are not able to read the rules of the forum and every day we reading the same topics created 10 times. If it were my will, I would have banned half of the current users. Well, or at least, established the inability to create topics for beginners, for the first couple of weeks, during this time, they just have to understand how to behave.


Here’s a great example. A person does not get along with so many languages ​​​​and uses Google translator, having riveted a bunch of identical posts. And this is another normal example :slightly_smiling_face: Only 2 days on the forum…


Just keep work people will come

Those in charge are :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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Only users with a higher rank can invite users to the forum, I hope we will see more users here as we develop :wink:

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality

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quality indicator is a good sign, quantity does not play a decisive role :muscle:

@cryptoaadam I am on suspence