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Bullish Sentiment Boosts Aptos (APT) Above Key Moving Average

Ali, a prominent financial analyst on Twitter, has shared some bullish insights on Aptos’ native token, APT. Ali states that Aptos has witnessed a bullish daily close above the 50-day moving average. Traders and investors often watch this technical indicator closely as it can signal a potential shift in the cryptocurrency pair’s trend.

#Aptos prints a bullish daily close above the 50MA!Ready for a challenge? Guess (NYSE:GES) the correct way to measure this $APT bull flag’s target & win another free signal!:one: Top of the flag pole to the bottom​:two: Bottom of the flag pole to the top
— Ali (@ali_charts) April 14, 2023

Notably, Ali tweeted a prediction on April 5 that Aptos was forming a bull flag on the daily chart. He suggested that the 50-day moving average (50MA) and 100-day moving average (100MA) could determine whether Aptos was poised to break out or bound for a correction.


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