How to earn badges fast?

Continuing the discussion from How To Gain 5 Badges Within 5 mins:

:point_right:t5: Update your profile picture and get first badge
:point_right:t5: Stay and engage here a bit longer to earn another badge.
:point_right:t5: Like this post by clicking the :heart: button for 3rd badge
:point_right:t5: Give the post an emoji for 4th badge
:point_right:t5: Reply under the post
:point_right:t5: Share the post for another badge
:point_right:t5: Make a post and get an " editor " badge
:point_right:t5: Fill out your profile information
:point_right:t5: Engage more on community chats
:point_right:t5: Quote a reply and earn a badge
:point_right:t5: Tag somebody and earn another badge too
:point_right:t5: Repost or share this post in other communities to earn a badge.

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:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: thanks for the tips