How to earn badges easyy

Read the community guidelines (FAQ - Aptos 9).
Fill out your profile information.
Like this post with the “:heart:” emoji.
React with “:open_mouth:” emoji to this post.
Share this post through email by clicking on the “:envelope_with_arrow:” symbol.
Quote this post by using the “:repeat:” symbol.
Reply with any Link (twitter post, youtube video, lens post etc) in the reply section.
Reply with an image to this post.
Reach Trust Level 1 by participating and interacting with the community.
Create a new post to get likes, replies and share something with the community.
Read EVERY reply in a topic with at least 100 replies.
Like posts and comments 50 TIMES in a single day.
Complete the advanced user tutorial.
Visit the Aptos community consecutively for 10 DAYS.
Invite a user to this platform.
DON’T FORGET to LIKE my comment below my post :grin:

Like and share this with others so they don’t miss out on these badges! LET’S GO!

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