How to earn badge

So there is a lot of badge but here are the easier to get :

  • like a post
  • edit your profil
  • mention someone
  • post something (and add an emoji like this :+1:)
  • share a post
  • Flag a post (like a spam or something like this)
  • invite a friend
  • Read Guidelines (right here : FAQ - Aptos)
  • post a link (like the one for guidelines)
  • get a like (i will try to like evry reply right here)
  • and stay active

so good luck guys and i hope that was helpfull

  • ahhh and i forgot this one so that a great exemple but edit one of your post if you found a mistake that also give you an other badge

@sirgabz :sunglasses:


Thanks for the info.


Wow great trend

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