How to earn Aptos badges for beginners

Earning badges is one of the requirements to be eligible for the coming Aptos Airdrop, here are easy ways to earn more badges :smile:

Like this topic to earn the First Like Badge
Reply to this topic with an emoji to earn the Fist Emoji Badge
Edit your reply above to earn the Editor Badge
Select any words or sentence in this post, hold, then click “quote” to earn the First Quote Badge
Fill out your profile to earn the Autobiographer Badge
Click this link to read the guidelines and earn the Read Guidelines Badge: FAQ - Aptos 7
Reply to this topic and mention someone to earn the First Mention Badge
Share this post to earn the First Share Badge
Give 50 likes in a day to earn the Out Of Love Badge
Receive a like to earn the Welcome Badge (I’ll like all the replies!)
Please like and react to this post post🙏, I will like your posts too in that way I will be instrumental to earn more badges with you



Have tried all these
Here for more

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Great thread indeed, nice one


This time i will do not miss this opportunity!