How to earn APTOS airdrop

Are you like me,An airdrop enthusiast that missed out on aptos initial airdrop,then this is for you

  • if you reading this then you have to please like and share for starters to help me out to be eligible for the second airdrop and in doing that it also boost your chances to also earn some badges
  • secondly ,you have to try and complete all the badge tasks to be able to qualify for the next /second wave of aptos airdrops,if you have any questions you can ask in the coment box and i will help you through the process

Where can i find the badges guideline?


if you logged in using ur pc,all you have to do is drag you mouse cursor to the top right corner on this community page,you will see three buttons[ search button, a three dashed expandable button and your account abbreviation button] you tap on the 3 dashed button and a pop up will open with the menu consisting of [everything,my posts, FAQs,badges,Docs etc],on seeing the badges button then uou tap on it


it’s only showing members


it okay ,if you have been verified as a member then its a good thing,it means you are eligible to receive airdrops