How to earn 15 badges on Aptos

This might be an eligibility for the second Aptos airdrop,Do well not to fade

  1. AptosFill out your profile information.Like this post with the “” emoji.
  2. React with “” emoji to this post.Share this post through email by clicking on the “” symbol.
  3. Quote this post by using the “” symbol.
  4. Reply with a link in the reply section.
  5. Reply with an image to this post.
  6. Reach Trust Level 1 by participating and interacting with the community.
  7. Create a new post to get likes, replies and share something with the community.
  8. Read EVERY reply in a topic with at least 100 replies.
  9. Like posts and comments 50 TIMES in a single day.
  10. Complete the advanced user tutorial. (checkout my reply to this post down below )Visit the Aptos community consecutively for 10 DAYS.
  11. Invite a user to this platform.DON’T FORGET to LIKE my advanced user tutorial comment below my post (it will help me get a badge)

Like and share this with others so they don’t miss out on these badges! LET’S GO!


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How to earn 15 badges on Aptos hhh

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