How to develop our community

  1. Be a Good Neighbor
    :notes: Like a good neighbor, [your name] is there! :notes: Sometimes the smallest thing, like saying hello to someone on the street, can have the biggest impact on a person’s day. I’ve lived in neighborhoods where no one knew each others’ names, and now I have neighbors who leave gift bags with cake on my doorstep. Take a guess which I prefer.

Getting to know the people around you will help you gain empathy for the community around you so that you can use your voice (foreshadowing!) to benefit all.

Here are some ideas for how to be a good neighbor:

Be the welcome wagon for new members of your community.
Offer to help homebound or vulnerable neighbors by picking up their groceries, shoveling their driveways, or bringing their trash cans up their driveways.
Use your skills to mentor other members of the community.
Throw a block party. (You know, once it’s safe to do so.)
Learn more about the history of your neighborhood.

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